Art Natural Jelly Soap

Art Natural Jelly Soap

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The first thing you are probably wondering is "are these like the Lush ones?" Simply put yes! The difference is mostly in the shipping cost. If you have prime free shipping these are easily a better deal. The scents last and make every shower great. I've been sniffing myself all day. These scents are definitely something geared towards adults. The green "Don't Leaf Me" smells very slightly earthy and clean. The red "Be My Lava" has a light smell of cherries to me. The blue "Sea Through" has a slight clean linen type smell to it. All of them lather well with a loofa, sponge, or washcloth. My skin feels soft after using them. 
These are something interesting, fun, and functional for everyone. The texture makes these super unique if you have never heard of or seen jelly soap already. They are like a bowl of jelly except they are not meant to eat. You bathe with them. I'm really hoping they make mo…

DIYA 360° Rotating Makeup Stand

DIYA 360° Rotating Makeup Stand

At around $13 this is a great deal! It only took me about two minutes to put the whole thing together. After it was together I brought it to my vanity and filled it up. It holds a lot and put's things right at my fingertips. I'm now able to keep so many more things that I use often on my vanity rather than in my drawers. I've seen this exact stand priced everywhere from $10 - $25. It comes in three colors white, black, and pink. If you constantly have a messy vanity grab one of these; it will be worth every penny.

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I purchased this with my own money. This is not sponsored. The opinion above is my own.

July Products I'm Ditching

July Products I'm Ditching This is a new thing for my blog. You see and read about so many things I love but, it is few and far between that I share my reviews of thing I really don't like. I genuinely prefer to share things that I really like with you and not so much the product flops. All because something is on this monthly page does not usually mean I dislike everything from that brand and is not meant to "Brand Bash". Sometimes things I may not like may work for you.

Elizavecca Moisture Sparkle Cream

I usually love all things Elizavecca but, this one just doesn't work for me. The packaging is as cute as always but, it looks and smells exactly like sunscreen. After a lot of research, I can't find any website that says it has sunscreen in it which kinda makes me worry. It's not really a "sparkle" moisturizer so much as it gives a slight iridescent shine. This would be a lot better than a sparkle if only I could get past the smell. It also doe…

My Current Favorites! What made the vacation bag?

My Current Favorites
 My brain is full of idea's right now but, none of them were ideas for the last few posts I needed to write up before taking off for vacation. I've only been able to think about things I'm packing and trying to figure out whether or not I feel anxious about flying for the first time since I was 3.  But, today the day before I leave I finally thought of something. What are the favorite things that I just have to bring with me?
This might make me a little extra but, I'm currently a mix of shades in my favorite foundation. Do they probably have a shade that would match my sunkissed skin? Probably but, I'm not buying one right now.  The Ordinary. Foundation See my review of it here!
I've still been loving the Les Chocolats By L'Oreal Paris. Both Candy Man and a Dose of Cocoa are coming with me. For gloss (in case I just don't feel like taking the extra time for a liquid lip) I'm also bringing with me the super wearable …

High class mask on a budget! Elizavecca Kangsi Pack Mask

Elizavecca Kangsi Pack Mask

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This is probably one of my favorite masks I've ever tried! This is something I could see a very pricey mask brand coming up with (won't mention a name but, you probably know one already). The packaging as with all Elizavecca products is super cute. This mask has a very weird magic (aka science) to it. When you put it on it is a Gold metallic color which at first made me think it was a gel type peel off mask but, I was wrong. It dries down white like a white clay mask and reminds me very much of a clay mask in the way it performs and dries.

Before putting this mask on I took note of how my skin was feeling. It mostly dry and rough today. I did, however, have oil in between my chin and mouth and on my forehead. My skin, especially in winter, is super dry and rarely oily. During the summer it switched to more of a combination. After the mask, all of my skin felt nice and smooth including the rough patches. It a…

Oh my GLITTER! Liquid Glitter Liners by Handaiyan

Oh, my GLITTER! Liquid Glitter Liners by Handaiyan

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 I picked up the 10 pc set for $11.99 thinking I might end up with simple glitter liners that I would eventually have to use as pressed glitters instead (by patting them on over a glitter glue). I was surprised to find they are actually a little hard to get off but, not in a bad way. I had to use a makeup wipe to get them off. With most glitters, I've used especially ones labeled as liners I feel I've been able to simply rub them off. I would feel confident making a look with these and wear it on a night out without bringing it with me for touch-ups.

The colors are vibrant and even included a halo one! With the swatches below I did not put the applicator back in the bottle at all. Most are one stroke swatches. With the purple and the blue, I had to flip the applicator over and fill it in slightly more. Though there are two pinks and two tones of gold they actually apply as different…

Eva NYC Clean it up shampoo & Soften up conditioner

Eva NYC Clean it up shampoo & Soften up conditioner

Most people know by now what works for them probably doesn't work for someone else when it comes to hair cair and that is because of how many different types of hair there is. Let me start off by telling you guys about my disastrous hair. I have very thin, very fine hair. It curls when it feels like it and doesn't when it doesn't want to. If it wants to be straight that day no matter what I do curls just fall out. I usually have to change shampoos every month or else my hair has issues. I've tried so many different times to just find that one brand that my hair likes and I think I've found one for now at least.
I'm going on my 3rd month of using Eva NYC Clean It Up and Eva NYC Soften Up and my hair still seems to be very happy with it. It takes about 3 days for it too look like poo. When my hair gets sick of a shampoo and conditioner duo it usually looks like absolute poo the very next day after a wash. B…