SpinTales Duvet cover by Tilt

SpinTales Duvet cover by Tilt is an awesome way to engage your child's imagination. Once you get it on their bed they will not want to leave it alone! With a tablet or other smart device you simply download the app and scan the tag on the duvet cover. After that you pick which stories you want on your tablet (in our case all of them!) and download those as well. I recommend getting all of this stuff downloaded before you give this to your child(ren). The downloads can take a few minutes and it can be hard to keep an a child interested while they download.

How the app works and interacts with the duvet cover is very unique. As the stories are read out load to them, the child can follow the prompts on what it asks them to do. For instance some will have you search for the scene on the duvet cover and then the app scans the image through your tablets camera and plays a 3D scene where the characters literally jump to the duvet itself. Other scenes will have children interact by using there fingers on the tablet itself.

My 6 year old son loves this duvet cover and he looks forward to playing with it. He recently had to have surgery and got to take only one thing with him and this was what he chose to bring. It kept him comfortable and engaged while he waited.

The SpinTales Duvet cover is very well made and you can tell they really put some thought into what they were doing with the idea of it. It however, does seem there are a few bugs that need to be worked out with the app as it does not always read that you are on the image you are suppose to be on. I look forward to Tilt's future products and the repair of the app. I definitely recommend the SpinTales Duvet Cover.  

I was chosen by SpinTales and Tryazon to host the SpinTales Party and receive this and a party pack for free. The opinions above are 100% my own and completely honest. My son asked that we do it outside because, it was such a beautiful day (Proud mommy moment!).


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