CrowdTap and how it works!

Everyone enjoys getting free things in the mail especially when they are packages. I get many things to keep me up to date on all the new things coming out. Today I'm going to spill some secrets on where I get some of the best things I review and how you can get them as well.

This is my mail today. Only today and no this is not a normal day!


On crowd tap you add brands you like or ones you don't know much about. After you add the brands you will start getting missions there are 7 kinds. 

Polls: you take a short pull and get 2+  

Photo missions are where you add a photo that matches what they are asking you to do. Make sure you read them and the picture is of what it is suppose to be and your caption answers what they ask. These are about 20+
Comments are normally long form open ended questions. They will ask a question and using any resources they give you answer the question. You can put in a s little or much as you want. Usually 10-20+ points

Media are where you will find the most amount of things to share. You watch this or look at that and fill in the blank. After that you share it with your friends. 20+ points

Questionnaire's are like polls except they ask a few different questions. You usually get 2-20+ points for these.

(Not the actual one. I just don't have one to post)

The last two kinds are rarer. One will show up as a gift box is a chance to try a free sample or full size product. These are normally full size. They will be a combination of all of the above for the "apply" option and "on boarding". After you get the item you will have a set amount of time to try out the item. You need to go back to the samples page and complete the rest of the questions/ pictures they request. Usually these are simple tasks and well worth it. 

The very last one I have forgotten even what it looks like but, it will be called a discussion. Over however many days they will post questions and you will answer whatever it is that they ask, You get +20 for every 1st answer of the day. 

I'm sure by now you have noticed me say +2 +20 etc. These are points. For every so many points you earn you will be given a $5 Amazon Gift Code sent to your email address. The range in points goes from 700-1000 (I have heard a couple say they have had higher but, that is rarer). To find out how many points you need look for the below in your upper right corner. 

Happy Tapping!


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