Get free stuff for hosting a party!

Did you know that there are a couple of websites who partner with different companies to offer you free things just so that you can host a party? Normally they even give you things to share with your guests! I have hosted several of these parties in the past and they can be very fun. Parties usually vary in value and can range any where from $20 to $300 from what I have seen.

The first site I highly recommend is: . With house party you register an account and then you can apply to host any of the parties you would like. Be careful to make sure your state is included on the page of each and every party. Also make sure if it mentions a store or stores that you have one of them near you because it may require you go buy your party supplies from that store with a gift card they give you. After you apply you can do some small activities to "increase your chances". When you are done with those the waiting game begins. They will email you and let you know weather or not you got in and more details if you did. Remember when you are a host to take quality picture. These are your proof with both sites.

These parties create great memories for you and your guests. My daughters 8th Birthday happened to land on one of the dates to host one. She received a ton of Nerf Rebelle dart guns for her and her friends to check out and play skill games with. Even though she is a few years older now she still remembers the fun she had at this birthday party. The most recent one I hosted though them was the FairLife SuperKid's party (See my post about that here!).

The second site I want to share with you guys today is I am not as experienced with them but, I have hosted one time so far. For this site all you do is go to the site and pick a party and apply. There is no sign up. If you are selected you will get an email, if you are not accepted you will not get an email. If you are chosen they will explain to you what they would like for you to do after your party. The one big thing again is pictures!

Have you hosted before? Do you know of another "party" type site? Please comment below and let me know about any experiences you have had.


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