Are you ready for back to school?

Are you ready for back to school?

We all either love or hate this time of year. Personally I love it because, my kid's really enjoy school and miss it by this point in the summer. For some of us this is also the time of year that things start to get hectic again. I have found for our family organization and the right supplies are a small way to help a transition back into school go smoothly. Today I want to share with you some tools I will personally be using to help my family this year. 

First and most importantly use your smartphone or your computer!  If you are like me you try and use a planner and it just doesn't work out. Your Google Calendar can do this for you and even remind you what you need to do and when you need to do it. If you don't already use google calendar at the end of this post will be a couple of video tutorials for you. 

Secondly get people in your house to help out with all the things that you do. Here are a couple of wonderful products you can use to help with that.

This Chalk Board Contact by Colore has changed a lot of things in my house this summer. It is literally one big roll of black board decal that you can do so many things with. I decided to go with a basic; A chore chart. The roll was really nice but, a little difficult to work with until we learned how. When putting it on the wall don't try and work it up and down go sideways. For $9.99 this is a steal! If you have any trouble getting the chalk off of it I have found a slightly damp magic eraser and paper towel work nicely. 

 I was getting no help from my children at all and they are definitively old enough to help! How we decided to use it is everyday my kid's do there chores by checking them off as they go. Right now your thinking okay but, how do you actually get them to actively do these things? The goal is every Sunday they will get one blind bag toy such as a pack of Shopkins if they have all there dots for the week. We give them one day where they can get not do anything. If they choose not to do them for more than one they don't get their prize. They also get weekly stars they need 4 stars to get a premium prize. We have been doing this for a month now and last week they realized mommy was serious and received no prize. This week they are taking it more seriously. Just remember when making there chart kid's need time to be kid's. If you see a change that needs to happen simply erase it and re-write. Our board is constantly changing. For instance read every other day will soon be every day. It is a rule at there school. 

I recommend picking up extra colors for your board as well. These are by Chalktastic. They work very nicely on the board wall. Kid's need colors! Check them out here.

This white board by Mommy Marvel has also help so much. It is a medium sized fully magnetic white board and comes 6 markers. It takes up the top half of our side by side fridge. It is nice because, we all use it. Whether it is a reminder, a note, or stuff we need to get from the store it comes in handy. 
The board and it's markers are also a steal at only $9.99! You can get it from Amazon.

 I use a weekly board above my computer desk that will help me stay on top of my weeks activities and things to do. I picked it up at a yard sale. The lady I purchased it from had already done the DIY work on it. You can do this as well with Elmer's Spray adhesive and scrap booking paper. 

For help with saving money on school supplies I strongly suggest checking out the Cuckoo for Coupons blog. She posts all of the great deals for most stores. If you are a Michigander like me and love Meijers check out A Mitten Full of Savings.

If you are struggling to make ends meet and simply can not afford school supplies you should call United Ways 211 and they can point you in the direction of resources and programs to help. Most of us have been there at one point.

Most items in this post were purchased at a discounted rate. Review's of these products were optional and they are my honest opinions. 



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