The perfect addition to the EOS brand family!

EOS Crystal Review

             I am so happy that I got to be one of the first people to give the new EOS crystals a try. As with all EOS products my Crystal smells amazing! It is Hibiscus Peach scented. It does have a little bit of sweet flavor to it. It also seems to moisturize my lip's pretty well. There are several reasons that these Crystal's are a unique product. Those who have had allergy issues with EOS Spheres in the past should not have issues with the Crystal's. They are beeswax free and vegan. It is very hard for me to decide whether I like the original or the Crystal better. I will be buying a crystal when this one does run out. These are a great addition to the EOS product line. I definitely recommend them to anyone who already loves EOS and even to those who could not use the Spheres.

My EOS crystal was given to me by VocalPoint to try out and leave a review. These opinions are my own and have not been influenced by receiving the product for free. If you would like to buy your own to try here is a link!


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