Light up laces! Great for safety and Aesthetic!

Light up laces by AcTopp


These laces have to be one of the coolest shoe accessories I've ever seen. My daughter absolutely loves them, especially because no one at her school has them yet. She loves being a trendsetter. Before I found these she was complaining that her laces on her shoes were so short she could barely tie them. After looking them over I agreed with her. It was time to hunt for new laces. When I came across these I didn't know what to expect. After we received them we were very excited at how quality they are. They are nice and long (which makes a really cool light up bow). They have a button on them that you can use to turn them on and off or set them to flash at different speeds. Due to the light on them, they also add a lot of extra safety for children and runners on dark roads in the morning and night. These could be added to any Halloween costume for safety and aesthetic. 
For anyone looking for a little reward for their kid, this is it!
 I would give these 6 stars on my own scale of 1 to 5!

More pics!


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