Pinky Petals Face Paints

Pinky Petals Face Paints

If you are looking for a face paint palette for Halloween I strongly recommend this one! It has 12 colors including glitter. The palate they are in is a hard case with individually covered paints. You can remove each individual paint if you want to for convenience or click them into place. They also come with a couple of paint brushes and those also store in the hard case. Along with this set, you may want to pick up a couple of other paint brushes for different techniques.

  The paints in the set are actually the best face paints I have ever seen! They are not at all chalky and they also can not be rubbed off easily (see picture proof below). These will stay on you for without touch-ups for at least a day. They are highly pigmented colors. Though this set does not come with any directions I have tested and found the best way to use these. You need to use a moist paint brush/applicator. Too wet and it will run; too dry and it will not go on as easy. As soon as you find this perfect moisture level these are truly amazing. 

Close-up of set

(The black is with no water, the orange was with a little too much)

After rubbing on them. 


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