Gelaze by China Glaze

Gelaze by China Glaze

I have been obsessed with Gel Manicures lately and Gelaze is the best brand I  have tried so far. If you have not had a Gel Manicure lately you are missing out! My nails are paper thin and rarely grow out past my fingertips. Gel Manicures make your nails harder and help protect them so I've finally been able to grow my nails out. Unlike a regular nail polish gel lasts at least two weeks. I also like how it dries so much quicker under the curing lamp. Before I started using gel I would always mess up my nail polish before it dried all the way. It is also a lot easier to seal in decals on your nails. The only downside to gel is that it is much harder to take off of your nails when it's time for a change but, that is also the way it lasts so long. The White on White shade in the middle is very nice to go under glitter gels. The silvery looking one is the top coat. The blue shade you see above is called "Dorothy who?" and it is my current favorite.

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