Rainbow Mix Water Beads by OPOLEMIN

This is one of the first things my 11-year-old had to teach me how to use. She would go on and on about how cool they are all the things you could do with them. Finally, I looked into them to see what she was talking about. I found so many cool projects you can do with them. Because it is right around Halloween I wanted to do something to decorate for this holiday.

 Here is what my end project looks like and I love it!

For this project, I used OPOLEMIN water beads
Two mason jars
One vase
2 Bunches of fake black roses
and some Halloween stickers
Everything on here besides the water beads and globes was found at Dollar Tree.

To use the water beads all you do is fill a 3 qt. dish most of the way full and use one packet of beads per dish (this way you don't have to sort the colors after they grow). OPOLEMIN Rainbow mix already has these separate into their own little baggies. I used 1 baggie for 3 quarts. Then you simply wait. I let them sit for 6 hours before adding them into the vase and mason jars. The OPOLEMIN water beads worked exactly as I had expected and helped with this project perfectly!

My rating: 

For the rest just head to the nearest Dollar Tree and look for inspiration of your own. 

This one was what I found for my inspiration.

Here are some more pictures of the project I did.


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