ZoiyTop 48W LED UV Nail Lamp

ZoiyTop 48W LED UV Nail Lamp

This nail lamp performs just as I would expect any curing lamp too. It cures all the gel polishes I currently own just as I wanted it too. I would recommend this to anyone who is busy or simply does not want to spend that much at the salon.

I love doing my own gel manicures at home rather than spending tons of money at the salon. For the cost of roughly 2 gel manicures at a salon, you can buy a lamp, base/top coats, and colors of your choosing and get 10+ manicures at home. 

If you have yet to even get a gel manicure there are several benefits of using gel over regular and making the investment in yourself (or a loved one with the holidays just around the corner). Gel manicures last up to 2 weeks without chipping or needing to be re-done when done correctly. Gel also dries a lot quicker than regular leaving you free to do what you want rather than do nothing and wait for your nails to dry. Got a baby at home who just woke up? No problem cure the nails you are currently working on for 30-60 seconds and come back to doing your nails when you can.

Doing gel manicure's is simple:
                                                          ✩Do your base coat on one hand
                                                          ✩ Cure for 30-60 seconds
                                                          ✩ Do a color coat
                                                          ✩ Cure again
                                                          ✩ Do 1 more color coat (if needed)
                                                          ✩ Cure
                                                          ✩ Do your top coat (you can add gems or decals at this point)
                                                          ✩ Cure for the last time
                                                          ✩ Repeat on your second hand


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