Boxycharm April 2018

Boxycharm April 2018

Overall Box Rating 

I really feel like BoxyCharm outdid themselves again this month. Though not everything was to my liking or taste it was still very much worth it to me to pay $21 and receive even just the things I did love. If they keep going like this I think I'll be a charmer for life. 

My Little Pony PolourPop eye palette Value: $16 

Rating: (Review edited after more use)

Would I buy this exact palette again? No, but, would I check out more from Colourpop? Yes.
MSRP found at

It seems the first layer or so of the palette I received did not want to function right. After more use and a lot more swatching it is easy to blend and decently creameir. I Do love the shades in the MLP palette. I do use this regularly now with out issues.

Adesse Liquid Lipstick in Haute Cocoa Value: $24

Rating for the formula: 

Would I buy again? Yes, but in a very different shade. 
Buy it?

It appears everyone received the color Haute Cocoa if they received this in their box this month. The box and tube came with no color label so looking at the website we all believe it is this shade. Though the color is not my cup of tea the formula feels wonderful. It is not very sticky for a liquid lipstick like some other brands. It is highly pigmented and lasts for a few hours. 

Dr. Brandt Vacuum Cleaner Value $42

 (Based on one use so far)

Would I buy this again? Maybe, it is a little pricey for my taste in skin care. 
Buy it?

I usually hate getting skincare stuff in boxes but, lately, my boxes have been crushing it with stuff I actually do like and would buy again. The mask/area treatment comes out almost clear until you start crushing the beads as you put it on your face which makes it turn a very pretty shade of blue. You then leave it on for 5-10 minutes (maybe 20 if your writing like I was oops). Then you rinse it off and pat it into your skin. When I went to take mine off you could definitely see the oils it had collected. It shrank my pores just a little bit but, again this was the first time I've used this. It felt great when I put it on like it was cooling off my skin in a good way. After rinsing it off and patting it in I felt that same sensation again. I will probably update this after I have used it for a couple of weeks (recommended use 2-3 times per week). 

The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks in shade 2/ Brown hair Value: $20.00


Would I buy this again? Yes!
Buy it?

I'm not a brow person at all but, meaning I'm not very used to using brow products at all. This was very easy to use and did help to pretty quickly shape my brows. This color was perfect for me. 

ONE COMPLAINT TO BOXYCHARM: A lot of people got a shade nowhere near the color they would ever need or use. You asked us what color hair we have in our beginning survey. Please be mindful of this. I was one of the very few lucky ones who will get use out of this.

Tartiest Pro Glow in Stunner Value $29!


Would I buy this again? Yes! 
Buy it?

I was in the market for a daily wear highlighter. Something not so over the top. I was actually going to go buy one (wasn't sure which one yet) when the spoiler came out for this. I was over the top excited even though it was just a "chance" at getting one. You either received this or a pinky toned MAC lipstick.
The Tartiest Pro Glow looks subtle and nice when you wear it and it does not exaggerate skin tone like some other highlighters can. I can use this daily rather than the other 90% of my highlighters (rainbows just don't tend to fit in everyday YET).

Box price: $21


Tartiest Glow: $29
BrowGal: $20
Dr. Brandt Vacuum: $42
Adesse Liquid Lip: $24
Colourpop MLP Palette: $16

$131 Value!


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