Boxycharm March 2018

Boxycharm March 2018

Check out the April Box HERE!

So, I finally decided to subscribe to this box and I’m not disappointed at all! When I subscribed it was about mid-March already and I figured I wouldn’t even get March’s awesome box but, to my surprise, I got it too! I’m sure it has been reviewed everywhere except here by now but, it is just too awesome for me not to put my 2 cents in. So here is what I think!

PUR Boxycharm collaboration palette
Retail Value $36 (but, it’s exclusive so invaluable)
So far, I’ve been loving this palette. It is a great mix of basics with pops of color. I keep hearing that it reminds people of a Kylie palette but, I disagree after looking at the Kylie website. Though some of the shades do bring me back to the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. The shade “Squad” reminds me a lot of “Candied Peach” and the shade “Perfect” reminds me of “Peaches and Cream”. There is a lot of fall out with this palette so do eye makeup first but, other than that it is highly pigmented and a welcome addition to my collection. The mirror in this is very nice. Because it is squarer than the palettes I normally use it makes it a lot easier to do my makeup anywhere I want rather than fighting for the bathroom.

Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush in 111 Prim Vixen
Retail Value $26
Is this something I was dying for that I would pick up off the shelf for myself, no but, it surprised me! I am normally a no blush kind of person but, to keep the spirit of reviewing things I figured I’d give it a shot. I was very intimidated by the color but, found that a very, very light hand will make this bright pink look really nice. My only complaint is that the compact is a little hard to open for those of us that would rather not use our nails as tools. Would I buy this again no probably not but, will it get used by me? Absolutely! This one blush may last me until it expires but, I will more than likely use it once a week until then.

South Mane Eye Gel Packs
Retail Value $10 for the 3 pack
I think I might be a little obsessed with these (thanks Boxy). I’ve already looked in to buying more of these and probably will soon. They make my eyes feel less tired. At night they are great to help wind down from the day. In the morning they a nice wake-up as well as a great way to get some of that puffiness some of us get from sleeping too little or too long. I love that I can sit up and do what I’m doing with them on. Heck, I could even use them right now as I’m typing this.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set
Retail Value $23.15
I keep reaching for these daily! It is harder for me to explain exactly why it is that I love them so much because I'm used to much cheaper brushes (i.e. $10 a full set) but, they just feel so nice when I’m using them, and I feel they give me more control over what I’m doing especially with shadows that have a lot of fall out. I definitely will look into more from this brand.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara
Retail Value $20
I didn’t really care for this at all. In all honesty, I tried it once and it did absolutely nothing for me. No volume no length. It did not however clump. I gave this to my mom and moved on to my favorite drugstore mascara.

MSRP $115.15 Paid $21

This box is worth every dollar I paid for it even though I didn’t like the mascara. This was my first Boxycharm box but, if they can pull off even $75 MSRP per month they will have me forever. If you do not already have Boxycharm I highly recommend it! April from what I have seen is going to be yet another amazing month. The first spoiler for April is actually the reason I subscribed to the box! There is currently no waiting list, and this just might be the best sub beauty box out there! Follow this link to check it out for yourself!


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