NoTs 28 Remedy Intensive Serum & Remedy Repair Cream

NoTs 28 Remedy Intensive Serum &
Remedy Repair Cream

The NoTs brand is one of my favorite brands. I absolutely fell in love with their remedy repair cream. The intensive serum, however, left me wanting a little more. The combination of these two products probably would have worked amazingly but, the Intensive serum itself did little for me, unfortunately.  

I have the driest skin you could imagine on my forehead and it really didn’t hurt or help that area. I have seen no “smoothing of fine lines” but, I also didn’t look too hard at this part as this is only a tiny concern for my skin. I did see a little improvement in the texture of my skin but, I was most excited that it would help my skin retain moisture better. I tried this for one week alone and it did nothing. I then tried it under a moisturizer for about 2 more weeks and it helped a little but, not as drastically as I would have loved from this brand.

The NoTs Remedy Repair Cream was originally marketed to me as an anti-acne moisturizer but, they had to cover the anti-acne part of their claim here in the states because it has not yet been a proven to help acne here in the states. This was the most amazing cream and acne treatment I have ever used. Within two weeks of using this, my acne was more under control and my skin was softer and more radiant. Even though this now retails for $50 I would buy it again and again. A little goes a long way and if I milked one jar of this (1.0 fl oz) I could get it to last me 2 months. I have unfortunately been out of this for a long time now so I didn't get to try the 2 products together. 

 I will continue to try as many products as I can from this brand because of how amazing the Repair Cream is but, I think I could do without the Intensive serum.

A side note about this brand: It looks like they are finally selling on Amazon! Here is a link to all of their products:

Here is also a link to my personal favorite the Remedy Repair Cream:

Both of these products were either Try Now or Try Me products from .08liter
to learn more about how to get your own products from them for $3.99 or Free check out their site and follow me while you are there:


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