Beauty Glazed (Pressed) Glitter Palette

Beauty Glzaed (Pressed) Glitter Palette

Glittery eyes are very trendy right now in the beauty community but, why pay way more than you have to? The Beauty Glazed (Pressed) Glitter Palette is only $9.88. I have seen so many of these "pressed glitter palettes" recently it is unreal. Tarte Cosmetics is currently selling "pots" of glitter in one single shade for a whopping $22 each. Don't get me wrong I love me some Tarte but, OUCH!  I love glitter and am more than happy to hop on this train! 

 Just a few swatches

The first thing you need to know about this is you need to use cosmetic glitter glue! This is very similar to a lot of other brands regardless of price. To use glitter glue you do your eyes up as normal and then (like you would with concealer on a cut crease) put the glitter glue on top. Next, you pick your shade of glitter and pat (don't rub/swipe) it on top of the glue. If you need a decent glitter glue try the NYC Glitter Primer for only $4.99.

The pink shade on the inner is from 
the Beauty Glazed Glitter Palette

Beauty Glazed Glitter Palette is everything I could want or need from a glitter palette. As you can tell from the top picture my favorite is the iridescent/white glitter in the top left corner of the palette. I love getting creative with this palette and I really feel glitter is glitter and I will buy another one of these when this one eventually runs out on me instead of one of the more pricey ones. 

Don't mind the hair it is a work in progress.

All prices from Amazon listings are current as of May 29th, 2018 at 9:00 pm.

Thank you to Rank Booster and Beauty Glzaed for allowing me to try out this palette.


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