Midnight Mermaid Collection by Wet N Wild

Midnight Mermaid Collection by Wet N Wild

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I've literally waited almost a year to write up my review on this collection. It was hyped way up back in August of 2017 by every beauty guru on YouTube. After seeing the colors and sparkle I had to have it. It literally took me around three hours to actually get it in my cart and check out on the day of release on the Wet N Wild website because of issues on the site.

So why did I procrastinate to review it if I wanted it that bad? Well lets just say I've been very confused as to exactly what I thought about this collection but, I finally know. I have noticed that more people are picking this up from Ulta lately as it seems they fully restocked it so I figured now may be a good time.

Before the green eye challenge I didn't really realize the full potential of this collection.

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So was it worth the hype? Yes for the fun value of it it was worth the hype. This collection is really not something I would use everyday. I don't say that because of the colors. I say that because some of the formula's don't really have that much staying power. 

The Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks

These are some very fun colors though none of them come close to being anything I could where on a daily basis and feel comfortable. They have pretty good staying power. I do recommend that you bring your shade along with you when where it for touch ups. The  formula of the metallic based catsuits seem to be pretty different from the regular matte catsuits. I have heard several people say the regular mattes are better (maybe something to test soon). They don't take very long to dry and are not sticky at all on me.
Siren's Jewel (Green)
Sea Seduction (Blue)
Coral Crown (Orange/Red)
Harbor A Crush (Red/Pink)

The Metallic Liquid Eye Liners

The staying power of these both is not good and is a little too good. What I mean by this is that they do flake off a little but, at the same time it takes my best eye makeup remover time to get these off. You will need to let them dry a minute before blinking or else this will also become your eye shadow. The colors are indeed as vivid as the look of the bottle.

Sea Dreams (Blue)
Sea Symmentry (Green)
Tridents Shimmer (Grey) 

Metallic Liquid Eye Shadow

I already gave two of these away to someone else who I thought would want to try them. I was very unimpressed by these. The colors really don't shine through in the base of these and the formula is clumpy. These literally flaked off 20 minutes after I put them on in big chunks. So for the intended use of these two stars is appropriate. I did however find out these make great lip toppers over the liquid catsuit lipsticks. Next time I really hope these just make an eye palette to go along with such an awesome collection. Could you imagine the awesome colors that would have been in a palette for this collection?

Midnight Majesty (Purple)
Lara's Necklace (Green)

Mermaid Highlight Bar

This is my favorite part of the collection. There probably are other light toned highlighters with gold tones but, this is one is awesome! I would probably buy this over and over again if it wouldn't have been limited edition. It does have some chunky glitter in so please make sure your texture is polished or it will exaggerate it slightly.

Final Thoughts

This collection is very fun and as a whole it fits together. I think the only thing I would not have purchased is the eye liners. I say this even though they got rated higher than the shadows only because I really like the shadows as lip toppers. 

Have you tried this collection? What are you thoughts? Reach out to me here or social media and let me know. Check back Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays for new posts. (Yep, I know it's almost Tuesday lol)



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