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I have been obsessed with the Elizavecca brand for about a year and a half now. They are a K-Beauty brand that is rapidly becoming available here in the US. The obsession started with the Gold CF Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask. Every single product I have tried by them has been great. Some have even amazed me! Their packaging is also absolutely adorable. Rather than bombarding my blog with the reviews that have been a long time coming I figured I would post all of the reviews of the products I have used already right here in this one post.

Note for some of the products: If you do not quite understand the English directions look them up on youtube or drop a comment here or any of my social media channels.

Literally, all of these get five stars from me!

Gold CF Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask
Directions: This is a gel peel mask let it dry then take it off.

Price: Around $11

This is a clear mask with just a few gold flakes here and there so none of my pictures turned out. They all just looked like my face but, shiny. This mask makes my face feel smoothed and tightened. It really doesn't peel off very well though. I more roll it off or as I did just now use a micellar water wipe (I use Burt's Bee's brand ones). It leaves behind a nice skin condition oil that you pat into your skin. Even when I used the wipe it still left some of the skin oil behind. It dried completely in around 10 minutes but, to make sure I left it on for 15. 

Elastic Pore Foaming Cleanser
Directions: Apply, after a few, minutes wet it and let it sit as little or long as you want.
 Then rinse away.

Price: Around $10

To use this you put it on your dry face liberally and then add water to rub it in and use it as a cleanser. This is a top-notch cleanser! I have used many cleansers before that simply cleaned and had little to no other benefits. Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam left my face silky smooth and that wasn't even the best part. After I rinsed it all off of my face I could still feel it toning my pores.

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Price around: $10.00

The Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is very unique. All you do is apply it moderately all over your face and then the fun begins. No water is needed to activate the carbonation. When it is on you can literally feel it bubble up on your face. You have probably never felt a sensation quite like this on your face unless you have already tried this before. After 10-15 minutes you rinse it off. It will take a minute to get it all off because it wants to bubble still. After It was off my face felt super clean and it really tightened my pores. 

Milky Piggy BB Cream

Price: Around $11

This is my go-to summer foundation. Yes, I said foundation (see the coverage it gives me below). It does not behave like any other BB cream here in the States. It is pretty thick and goes on more like a medium coverage foundation. I like that it has Spf 50! It stays on all day (8 hours). It does, however, look a little shiny (probably the SPF) so for this, I use a little translucent powder over the top. 

Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control
 (Hyaluronic acid oil)
Directions: Put drops on face, tap into the skin.

Price: Around $9

This is where the miracles comes in! This has helped my acne so much. This is also the first product I have ever used that made a noticeable difference with my blackheads. This still isn't the miracle yet. I have really bad dermatitis on my arms. To the point where sometimes I don't want to go outside without a long sleeve shirt on. I looked up what Hyaluronic acid is and if I could use it on other areas of my body after seeing how well it worked on my face. After gathering my info I started using it on my arms and it has reduced my current flare-up by 80% in the 5 days I have been putting it on them. I will continue buying and using this new found glory for a long time. Thank you Elizavecca!

Quick note: 7/10/18 it does say not to use this on Dermities but, all of their products contain this same exact warning paragraph with no alterations for each product. I did find you can, in fact, use a hyaluronic serum on dermatitis. A quick investigation of your own will help you come to the same conclusion but, here is a tiny jump start: 

Cer-100 Collagen Coating Protein Ion Injection
Directions: Use in hair. Put a dime size amount on and hands rub where needed.
Works for split ends, frizz, and to generally keep hair healthy.

Price: Around $10

This has worked wonderfully on my hair for damage. On a damage scale of  1 to 10 my hair is just generally around a 6 because of how fine and breakable it is. This makes my split ends look better and the little bit of frizz I have disappears. I love the smell of this stuff as well. It reminds me of a salon smell. 

Always look for the little seal with a scratch-off to make sure you have an authentic Elizavecca product! 


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