Les Chocolats! By L'Oreal Paris

Les Chocolats! By L'Oreal Paris
Part of the Infallible Pro Matte Collection


You might want to ask right now "What is so special about a drug store lipstick?" In short, these are amazing matte lipsticks! I can literally wear these and eat for 12 hours. When you put them on they do take about a good hour to completely dry down but, once they do they are actually hard to get off.  When applying they do give you time to adjust. They are not instantly matte. They start off creamy. Next, they go to a slightly sticky then (after the hour) they are a very nice dry matte! They transfer a lot in the first 10 minutes and a little between 10 minutes and an hour. After that, they do not transfer! 

Dose of Cocoa

 Candy Man

Yes, I have a scar below my lip that is darker.

The applicator they use is pretty unique and very flexible (from ones that I have seen). You can get one coat coverage so the one tube can last quite a while. They come in a variety of shades in clear tubes but, the color of the tube may not be the color you want after it dries. Check Instagram with the tag #leschocolats to see how they all dry. These are not only the shades of some chocolates they smell like chocolate as well! They retail for $7.99 ($9.99 at Ulta) each but, often times you can get them buy one get the 2nd for only $5. I'm thinking about trying a few other shades from the infallible line now!

My favorite shades are Candy Man and Dose of Cocoa. Swatches of these below!

Top Dose of Cocoa
Bottom Candy Man
On skin!

For my coupon Savvy people:
To get a great deal watch for a coupon in your paper or on coupons.com and combine that with a BOGO 50% sales. Or use an Ulta $3-$3.50 off coupon alongside a Bogo 50%. That is 2 for around $12.

Remember they do not look like these swatches when they dry.
Dose of Cocoa is nearly my skin color when on my lips when it dries and I'm very light.

I purchased these at full price. These opinions and review are all as always my own.


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