Spring 2018 Walmart Beauty Box

Spring Walmart Beauty Box


What is the Walmart Seasonal Beauty Box?

This is a box full of samples size items. It can contain everything from oral care to makeup. They usually put around 5 items in the box (this came with 6 items). They also sometimes throw in little extras like coupons. The actual box's the stuff comes in is always pretty and it is a nice sturdy little box. I usually like to get this box just to see some of the newer items that can be found in the store. Most items are newer but, they also throw in some classics for you to try. It does appear that there is a little variation in what people are receiving. I do not know how they figure out what to give to each subscriber, however. 

This specific box will actually come in handy for me in July when I go on vacation. The box itself is going in my checked bag with products in it that I don't want to be crushed like some of my makeup for example. Of course, I'm also planning on lining it with a quart sized bag. There are many things you can even reuse the box for because of how durable they are. 

When it comes to subscription boxes I always try not pit them against Boxycharm. Boxycharm is a class of its own and somehow gives a ton of bang for the buck. If I were to place this against a box such as Boxy it wouldn't even compare. 

Whats in this box?
Brand: SOO AE
Acai Berry Revitalizing Sleeping Mask- This is not a sheet mask as I thought. It appears to be just a regular wipe off mask that you use after your skincare routine and leave on for the night. It claims to help revitalize dull, lackluster, and fatigued skin. I would guess these are new in the store because I have not seen them but, I also have not tried to find them. This is a full sized product at .35oz in a foil pack. The foil pack made me think it was a sheet mask until I read it.  

My thoughts: This is an okay fit for this box and it will definitely get used. I will probably throw this in my checked luggage for vacation in case I need a pick me up. 
Value: $2.50

Brand: Hello
Sensitivity relief toothpaste- This is simply a natural toothpaste sample with .85oz in it. This also seems to be a new product. I also have not seen it in store yet.

My thoughts: I will throw this in with my toiletries and give it a shot.
Value: The full-sized price is $4.82 for a 4oz. so the value of this sample is $1.02

Brand: Soft Soap
Earth Blends in Coconut and Fig 2oz.- Just like you would expect from the soft soap brand of body washes. I know this is not a new brand to the store but, I believe the "Earth Blends" is a new concept from the brand.

My thoughts: Again I will be throwing this in my bag to go on vacation. It smells really good to my coconut obsessed self. 
Value: $.59 The full-size version is $4.97 for a 16.9oz

Brand: Pantene Pro-V
Foam Conditioner Sheer Volume- This is a 1.4oz sample. I really have no idea what a foam conditioner is so I'm guessing this is a new concept for a few brands. The directions on the bottle say to use it as you would any conditioner. Shampoo hair, rinse. Then apply a palm-sized amount to hair and rinse again. 

My thoughts: I am definitely wanting to try this and see how it works out. I really thought this was just another mouse until reading the bottle. I am currently wondering if this is just a gimmick or if there is actually an advantage to using a foam rather than a liquid (I will update this after I use it).
Value: $1.39 The full size is $5.97 at 6oz. but, the advantage here is getting to try it before investing in a $6 conditioner.

Brand: Jergens
Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer- This is 2oz. samples size. I'm sure at this point we are all familiar with Jergens Natural Glow but, the west skin version may be newer to the market.

My thoughts: I've always been a little scared to try things with self-tanners in them (yes, I was orange once too). Even though this is only a very gradual self-tanner I think I will wait until after summer to give this a try. I do wonder how they knew the right color to send me though. I received Fair to Medium. There are only two versions but, did everyone get the one they needed and if so how? The Walmart Beauty Box did not ask for information about this from me (that I remember).
Value: $2.30 The full-sized version is $8.64 for a 7.5oz.

Brand: Rembrandt
3-day whitening boost kit- This is clearly a new item on the market for this brand (the package says new). It includes three days worth of whitening strips or 6 strips total (3 uppers and 3 lowers). 

My thoughts: This is great! I will more than likely use these prior to my vacation. Who can't use even a slight whitening boost?
Value: The 1-week kit is $22.27 making this 3-day kit a value of $9.54 also making this the most valuable item in the box!

$2.00 of coupon for the one week Rembrandt kit.

Overall Value: $14.84 plus coupon
Price: $5

How to get your own Walmart Beauty Box

This box is available on this site https://beautybox.walmart.com/  . It is a quarterly subscription box and only cost $5. You do not have to order every quarter. Just remember to update your information if anything changes so that you do actually receive your box. To get this box you use to have to know exactly when they were available and then go order it. I do believe back then it was free. I really do not mind paying $5 to ensure I actually get one and I have even noticed a slight upgrade to the box since it became a paid subscription.


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