Art Natural Jelly Soap

Art Natural Jelly Soap


The first thing you are probably wondering is "are these like the Lush ones?" Simply put yes! The difference is mostly in the shipping cost. If you have prime free shipping these are easily a better deal. The scents last and make every shower great. I've been sniffing myself all day. These scents are definitely something geared towards adults. The green "Don't Leaf Me" smells very slightly earthy and clean. The red "Be My Lava" has a light smell of cherries to me. The blue "Sea Through" has a slight clean linen type smell to it. All of them lather well with a loofa, sponge, or washcloth. My skin feels soft after using them. 

These are something interesting, fun, and functional for everyone. The texture makes these super unique if you have never heard of or seen jelly soap already. They are like a bowl of jelly except they are not meant to eat. You bathe with them. I'm really hoping they make more scents!


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