Find out which subscription boxes I cancelled and why.


I still go back and forth with ipsy. For $10 it's an okay subscription. I see lots of things that I do like but when it comes to my box I've never received the variants I actually wanted. I put my age accurately at the time as 30 and they seemed to think I wanted all reds and neutral tones even though I had told them "adventurous" I did change my age down to somewhere in the 20's and received a couple of the things I liked but, I still decided to leave them. I might re-Sub to this one someday.

Sephora Play

The value of the boxes themselves are worth it but, it seemed to me to be very skin care heavy. This is a great box full of tiny sample sizes. I actually did receive the June box in hopes I would get some mini items for an upcoming trip, Is this box worth the $10? No, not in my opinion. A lot of the samples are way too small and most products I liked that were in my box cost upwards of $60 for a full size making them not worth it for me. They rarely put newer items into the box and have been known to send the same items to the same people multiple times. If they up their game just a little or I get to travel again I likely will re-sub but, for now, no thanks.

Ricky's NYC Cult Crushes

This company just doesn't seem to have their stuff together. The month after I subscribed they quickly went to a wait list system due to high volume. My first sign to cancel this one was when I got a waitlist notice even though I was already a subscriber and had received the March box.

 In April they also sent some people the palette they advertised while others got a palette from a previously unknown brand. They didn't even tell people before they received their boxes giving those who cared no time to cancel. People were extremely angry about this. I received the second palette but, for $11 I received two things from the box, I would use. Those two things were the palette and Burt's Bees makeup removing wipes. All in all, April was okay.

In May they had more issues. Boxes did not ship until around the end of the month and most were still shorted yet another makeup remover they had promised which was the Bioderma. Even My Subscription Addiction didn't receive this item. In May they also sent a laundry item ("Wash and Stain bar"), a BH Cosmetics mini brush set, a very oily drugstore priced liquid highlighter, and an ointment that was basically scented vaseline. They also announced they were raising their prices to $14. I decided to cancel at this point. I felt like the things I received were not worth $14. The waitlist also disappeared telling me I was not alone.

In June I was glad I had canceled. The box included a single pan of eyeshadow, three mask items, a cleanser, rosewater toner, and hair/nail/skin pills.

At only $14 I will continue to watch them in hopes they sort there issues out and go back to being what was once a good box.


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