High class mask on a budget! Elizavecca Kangsi Pack Mask

Elizavecca Kangsi Pack Mask


This is probably one of my favorite masks I've ever tried! This is something I could see a very pricey mask brand coming up with (won't mention a name but, you probably know one already). The packaging as with all Elizavecca products is super cute. This mask has a very weird magic (aka science) to it. When you put it on it is a Gold metallic color which at first made me think it was a gel type peel off mask but, I was wrong. It dries down white like a white clay mask and reminds me very much of a clay mask in the way it performs and dries.

Before putting this mask on I took note of how my skin was feeling. It mostly dry and rough today. I did, however, have oil in between my chin and mouth and on my forehead. My skin, especially in winter, is super dry and rarely oily. During the summer it switched to more of a combination. After the mask, all of my skin felt nice and smooth including the rough patches. It also took off all the excess oil. This mask seems to be great for all skin types.

When I first started putting on the mask I noticed it smells floral but, in a not overwhelming way. It applied very easily and really made me want to invest in one of those new face mask spatula's. While it was on it had a nice cooling kind of effect to it. The package says to leave it on for 20 minutes. At the 20 minute mark, it was still a little wet on my cheeks probably because I put it on a little thicker by mistake in those areas. It still only took about 25 minutes total to dry down. When it was time to take it off I used one of my Eco Tools mask sponges but, you could also use a damp washcloth.

I did purchase this off of Amazon, however, I can verify it is an authentic item thanks to the scratch code on the package. I love that they include these and wish more brands did exactly this to help fight counterfeiting.

The price is currently $12.39  (7/10/18) but, that can change at any time and is not a guarantee.


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