July Products I'm Ditching

July Products I'm Ditching

This is a new thing for my blog. You see and read about so many things I love but, it is few and far between that I share my reviews of thing I really don't like. I genuinely prefer to share things that I really like with you and not so much the product flops. All because something is on this monthly page does not usually mean I dislike everything from that brand and is not meant to "Brand Bash". Sometimes things I may not like may work for you.

Elizavecca Moisture Sparkle Cream

I usually love all things Elizavecca but, this one just doesn't work for me. The packaging is as cute as always but, it looks and smells exactly like sunscreen. After a lot of research, I can't find any website that says it has sunscreen in it which kinda makes me worry. It's not really a "sparkle" moisturizer so much as it gives a slight iridescent shine. This would be a lot better than a sparkle if only I could get past the smell. It also does not absorb into the skin as I would expect a moisturizer too. It dries sticky and feels heavy. I definitely would not put this on my face. My daughter quickly got passed the smell and loves this. Because I purchased this off of Amazon I did check the scratch-off product code to make sure it was authentic and it was.

Skyorganics Shower fizzers

I had expected a nice release of scent with these that I never really got. Sky Organics bath bombs always smell and look so nice but, this just left me waiting for more. In the box, they are wrapped in plastic and smell amazing. I'm not sure exactly why these didn't give the scent payoff I was expecting from Skyorganics. I've tried two out of the six in hopes the first one I received was just not as scented as they smell in the box.

BTZ Color Jamz Hair color

My daughter and I decided to add a little color to our hair for the summer so we went to Sally's to pick our colors. Because all color dyes were buy 2 get 1 free and we didn't know before we went they were sold out of a lot of colors from other brands. My go-to brand was almost completely sold out. I knew this wasn't going to give the best color payoff but, I never expected results this bad on her light blonde hair. The pink took well on her hair but, the "Turned Up Turquoise" barely showed and washed out with only one wash. We put the "So Shy Violet" which is actually a grey-blue in my son's hair on the tips. It also washed out in one wash. Don't waste your money. To me, this was this equivalent of kid's play makeup to real makeup. There is also a note on the bottles that say "new moisturizing formula" so if like these but, have not used them in a while take note.

Turned up turquoise on the very bottom.


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