Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter
in Champagne


This is one of my favorite highlighters I've used to date. I heard so many mix things about this highlighter that I almost passed it up but, as a person who isn't full glam all the time, this is the best. The formula is blendable yet dries down like I feel it should. Compared to a powder I feel like I have more control over where I want it to go. Rather than using the dropper itself I just use what comes off on the end of the ball by tapping it and then blending it out. 

I chose to swatch this along with a high-end one that I also have. Compared to how the cream one dried down I like it a lot better. It was easier to blend out and gave me more time to work with it before it dried down. The high-end one dried down very quickly after swatching it and gave me hardly any time to blend it out. It left behind hard streaks which the Revolution Drops did not. 

On the left are unblended swatches of both. The top is the other guy. The bottom is the Revolution Drops. On the right, I blended them or as you can see with the top (high end) one attempted too.

This post is not sponsored by Revolution Beauty and the opinion stated above is as always 100% my opinion. If you do wish to support me and my blog please use my affiliate link at the bottom. They have so many wonderful products.

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