Moto X4 and AT&T Prepaid

Moto X4 and AT&T Prepaid

My husband and I decided that it was time to leave our contract behind. Sprint was charging us $140 for two lines with only 4GB of data to share. Our phones were completely paid off (and purchased through Sprint) but because we had taken advantage of a special they were still charging us $20 each phone every month. Even if you fully purchase your phone yourself and bring it to their contract service they will charge you this fee every month from what we were told by a customer service agent when we questioned our bill. I guess they forgot to see that our contract and obligation to them was finally over and we were free to leave. Every time we went into a Sprint store we found that the associates were shady and often would tell the wrong information to you only to get you to sign a paper. We now pay $111 with 3 phones fully unlimited through AT&T prepaid. Yes, I'm sure there are slightly cheaper prepaid plans out there but, this is also the network that always seems to work everywhere we go in Michigan which is very important to us.

Along with our contract cutting journey, we both went through a few phones. When we left our contract we also left the behind ability to lease or slowly buy phones. So we now had to buy the phones we wanted at full price all at once (yes, we could have used a charge card but, when is that a good idea?). When it comes to phones I am very picky. Nearly all phones under $100 would get only 1-star based on functionality. Some higher-end phones, however, would also only receive a 3-star rating due to cost versus functionality. I need a phone that is fast, has a good camera and doesn't have major glitch issues.

After months of research and reading reviews. I finally decided I would get the Moto X4. I've now owned it for about 2 months. I really don't like reviewing major purchases after less than 1 month. I know that this isn't the newest hottest phone on the market but, it does offer a lot of quality for a mid-range phone. For its price there really isn't much of a comparison. You can, however, put the Moto X4 against newer Samsungs. Don't get me wrong I'm definitely a Samsung person but, after the S7 I left the wagon. The prices are way out of control on the top tier phones and I really feel you are paying for the name of the brand rather than the phones raw power.

 Pictures of my personal Moto X4 taken with a my husbands Moto X4

The functionality of the Moto X4 often surprises me. I am one of those people who consistently closes all the apps on my phone and accidentally opens a ton and leaves them all open while I'm using it. I will jump from Twitter to Facebook to Chrome than to Youtube all within 10 minutes. This phone handles that well! I have a few times accidentally opened 10 or more things and left them open. This does not slow down the phone, cause crashing, or severely drain the battery.

The battery itself will last me at least a day usually a day and a half. I'm a texter and not much of a talker. I also do not really use my phone for mobile gaming because I also have a tablet. My husband, who also has the Moto X4 however, is a mobile gamer and his battery usually lasts him a good 8-12 hours depending on the game and amount of time he plays. This phone charges amazingly fast and it seems even faster than the Samsung S7 did (which was my phone last year). My phone just charged from 10% to 95% in 45 minutes as I'm writing this. Compared to a real low-end phone such as the LG Phoenix 3 the battery last 4x as long. 

The pictures this phone is capable of come out really nice. No this is no Apple but, I more than happy with the picture quality for a phone that is only $300. Before buying this phone I almost decided to go drop $300 on a digital camera. After buying this phone and playing around with the camera I've decided not to. I do not reach for my digital camera I have now very often. My phone is always near me and a lot easier and more convenient to grab. I am also not a professional photographer. 

 On the left I used a flash with a very low led light source. On the right is the same only with flash.

The video quality is also decent. I more use video for home videos. I don't use this for youtube but, it is possible this would be a great starter phone for someone looking to dabble with youtube but, not spend their life's savings on equipment. Part of the research process was looking at things such as video and picture quality. Here are some really good examples of the video quality by the youtuber Eazy Computer Solutions.

Night Camera Quality VS iPhone X

Day Camera Vs. Galaxy S8

With Amazon Prime, you get an exclusive discount on this phone for a total of $279.99 but, it does come with all of the Amazon Prime apps preinstalled. If you are a big prime user this is a nice discount (SEE MORE HERE) but, if you are not big on prime I'd recommend going with another retailer and paying the full price of $299.99. 


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